HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

taccGL Reference Manual Introduction

taccgl™ is a library for playing fast and advanced 2D and 3D animations in HTML 5 web pages. These animations often appear to animate HTML elements of the underlying HTML document or 3D models created with a 3D modelling tool.

taccgl™ uses a new HTML 5 feature called canvas, that has a completely new set of drawing commands very different from the HTML elements known from HTML 4 and the DOM. taccgl™ users do not need to learn to use HTML canvas, instead taccgl™ provides operations on HTML element level, e.g. to move around an image or a paragraph. See Canvas Operation about this principle way of operation.

taccgl™ provides a set of functions and methods to first define an animation. After definition the amination can be started. Advanced features allow the user to modify amination even while it is running already.

The main taccgl™ functions are encapsulated in a single object stored in a variable name "taccgl". So these functions can be called writing "taccgl." e.g. "taccgl.start()" for the start function. These functions are documented in taccgl Class.

An animation is composed by a collection of transitions, which play sequentially or simultanously. a transition could for example be a move of (the image of) an HTML element from one place to another. Also moving the element and simultanously rotating it is considered one transition, while moving it, then turning it, and then moving it somewhere else is regarded as 3 transitions.

Each transition has a single HTML element associated with it, which is selected on creation of the transition. Initial position, size, and view are taken from the associated HTML element. Transitions refer to an object shown on the screen, which is e.g. moved, reshaped, or faded. This object may be (and is by default) a 2D image of the associated HTML element. The object can also be a part or slice of an element, a 3D object e.g. a 3D cube having multiple elements mapped on its surfaces, or even a complex 3D scene created with a modelling program.

taccgl Transitions gives some more information and Transition Class documents all the methods used to define / add amination transitions.

taccGL Reference Manual Structure

The main part of the manual (Class Structure) has a section for each class of the taccgl™ interface documenting the methods of this class, mostly one per page (Note that although javaScript does not have class based but prototype based inheritance, the the libaray is described using classes.)

Before the main part there are some sections introducing important terminology and functionality: Canvas Operation, Coordinate System, Texture Canvas, taccgl Transitions, Lighting, and Shadows.

Near the end of the manual more technical topics are discussed like Embedding into HTML, 2D Canvas Context, Compatibility, Restrictions, Selected Issues and Version History.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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