Web based 3D Configurator

Web Based 3D Configurator made with taccGL

This simple 3D Configurator was built with the taccgl™ open source library in a few days. taccgl™s functions to display, combine, and animate externally made 3D models (3D Objects on HTML pages) simplify creating configurators.

Please select colors and numbers of chairs below. You can turn the model with the left mouse key and move it with the right. Press CTRL to move back and forth.

Loading / Starting ...
Color Table Top Turn by dragging the Left Mouse Button
needs WebGL™
Color Table Legs
Number of Chairs

The 3D Configurator was made with our Open Source WebGL™ library taccGL™. The 3D model was downloaded from www.blendswap.com and was made with Blender.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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