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taccGL Reference Manual

taccgl™ is a library for adding fast and advanced 2D and 3D animations to HTML 5 web pages. It supports and simplifies using the new web graphics standard WebGL™ by providing a software layer on top of WebGL™ with a javaScript / HTML / CSS - like fluent interface. It also includes functions to provide alternate content to client browsers / devices that do not provide WebGL™.


This reference manual is intended for readers who already worked through the Tutorial and tried out some of the examples. Readers need some basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, and javaScript and will learn to define and play taccgl™ animations on web pages. Readers with programming knowledge and a deeper understanding of javaScript in addition learn how to create programs/scripts that interactively react on user input, create and run animtaions.

Manual Structure

The taccgl™ library is organized around object oriented classes and the main part of the manual documents each class and its methods (Class Structure). A first part of the manual introduces various concepts needed to understand the main part such as taccgl Transitions, Lighting etc. A third part of the manual discusses important side issues like Browser and Hardware Compatibility, Restrictions, and javaScript Performance.

Manual Sections

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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