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Can I disable the epilepsy warning message?
When developing and publishing animations we very much recommend to carefully consider the warnings and possibly redesign animations accordingly; the W3C guidelines might help. Note that this holds regardless whether you are using taccgl™ or other tools instead. taccgl™ tries to assist you by per default displaying the epilepsy warning message, however take into account that the warning might not work well because people, e.g. children, might not carefully read or understand the message (see W3C guidelines).

You can decide per particular animation if the warning message should be displayed or not by providing a parameter to taccgl.start as documented here: start.

How can I run the taccgl library locally (using files instead of a web server) in Chrome, e.g. to do some offline development? I tried but images do not show inside animations.
Place the library in the same directory as your test page and then include it using <script src="taccgl.js">. However in order to show images or 3D models that come from your hard drive rather than from a web site, you need to start Chrome with the special option:
chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files
See Chrome Options for Local Use and also Installing the Library for details.

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