WebGL (TM) Canvas Library

Installing the Library

Installation on a Web Server

The library is deliverd as a zip file. Upload the zip file to the server and unpack it in the document root directory of your server (or alternatively upload the unpacked zip). The zip file contains a single top-level folder named taccgl061.

Multiple versions of the library can coexist on a server, see the Upgrading section below.

Local Installation

The library is deliverd as a zip file. You can simply unpack the zip file in a directory of your choice and then open the index.html file contained therein with your web browser. Opening the index.html file while it is still stored in the zip will not work, you need to completely unpack the zip file.

Note, however, that some browsers (e.g. chrome and webkit) apply stronger security checks for local access and so not all features will work locally unless you start the browser with specific options. Therefore we would recommend to install a local web server and then follow the "Installation on a Web Sever" below. If you nevertheless install it locally, you need to use the options without them many examples will silently stop working (i.e. there are security messages on the debugging console only) which can be very frustrating. Please go ahead and read about the options.

Finishing / Cleaning up an Installation

The files in the doc and example directories and the index.html file are not needed for normal operation and can be deleted.

The files in the src subdirectory are needed for debugging and development and can therefore also be deleted on a production server, unless debugging is needed.

On a production server we recommend to enable gzip compression (e.g. using the apache deflate module) to compress the library and the 3D model files and so speed up page loading times.

Upgrading from older Versions

You can install multiple versions of the library at the same time. After installation of a new version, you need to update the version number in the <script> statements of pages using the old version, see Including the Library. Only afterwards, you can delete the old version by deleting the corresponding /taccgl??? directory.

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