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Chrome Options for Local Use

For learning and testing reasons you might want to use taccgl™ locally on your computer. You can do so by creating html pages in a local directory and then accessing them usig a "file://" url (which is no longer recommended) or install a local web server (e.g. the chrome extension "Web Server for Chrome"), which permits to access local files using "http://" urls.

Chrome and other webkit browsers have additional security checks for accessing local files using "file://" URLs that need to be relaxed. This can be done using the following option:


Make sure to understand the security implications of this options e.g. by reading the chrome documentataion before use.

In order to set the option you need to restart chrome with the option (it is not sufficient to just start a new Chrome window in parallel with an already running chrome). To apply the option it is easiest to copy the chrome desktop icon, to open the context menu with the right mouse button, select "Properties" and to append the options to the program name e.g.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

Note that the installation path of chrome might vary on your system.

You can also start chrome from a command window using these options, however starting from the "run" entry in the windows start menu might not work.

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