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Creating OBJ and MTL files - taccGL Tutorial

Basically you can just use the OBJ export of your 3D modelling program. Care must, however, be taken to assign suitable colors for each surface. Modelling programs, such as Blender internally show the 3D model, even if no colors are assigned. On export it then can happen that all surfaces are black, white, or even transparent and so the model looks broken or is not even visible. Blender also has other methods to show a material, such as texturing. Without further definition taccgl™ will however rely solely on the colors defined.

Another common problem is that modelling programs use other namings of the axis than HTML and taccgl™. This can at least for blender be compensated by usinging the right options during export. See OBJ File Creation for a description of blender options.

See also OBJ File Creation, MTL File Creation, objFile, taccglOBJFile Class

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