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objFileCreation Methods

taccgl™ currently supports MTL files containing materials of 3D Models consisting of various 3D objects as meshes. You can probably create such an MTL file with various programs supporting the MTL format, however so far only Blender was tested. Blender creates an MTL file as side effect when exporting an OBJ file (whereby the Write Materials needs to be checked).

The MTL file contains definitions for various materials occurring in the scene. Each material has a name.

For a material an ambient, a diffuse, and a specular color are given as well as a Shininess. See Wikipedia for details. In short the diffuse color defines the color of the object if the light source shines on it. The ambient color defines the color that shows up in addition. The specular color shows up if the light source is directly reflected.

taccgl™ uses the ambient and the diffuse color as given. From the specular color it just uses its grey value and the color of the light source.

Sometimes it is difficult or tedious to correctly or nicely set the ambient color. For these cases taccglMTLFile.ambientAdjust can be used. If taccgl™ detects that an MTL file was created with Blender and ambient colors are not defined (i.e. black) then it automatically calls taccglMTLFile.ambientAdjust(0.6,0.6). These are usually good default values, you can however explicitly call taccglMTLFile.ambientAdjust if other parameter values are desired.

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