WebGL (TM) Library

OBJ File Class

An object of class taccglOBJFile represents an OBJ file. OBJ files contain 3D Models created with some 3D modelling program, e.g. Blender. Typically OBJ files are stored on the web server (just as HTML pages) and downloaded to the client when a corresponding taccglOBJFile object is created.

An OBJ file contains a 3D scene consisting of various 3D objects. Once the OBJ file has been downloaded, you can pick one, more, or all of these objects and use them in your animation. The taccglOBJFile object has methods to control downloading and methods to pick 3D objects out of the file. If you want to parameterize, animate, or otherwise manipulte these objects you can do that after you got them from the file object. There are, however, no methods to manipulate the content of the taccglOBJFile itself.

An OBJ file is created with the objFile method of taccgl. Once created the download of the corresponding file needs to be started using read. After the download has been finished (see ready and onload ) the methods scene and objs can be used to pick all or some objects from the file.

OBJ files are usually accompanied by MTL files. While an OBJ file contains geometrie information an MTL file contains material information. If the OBJ file refers to an MTL file, then the MTL file is automatically downloaded from the server as well. The information about materials therein is then used when displaying the 3D objects.

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