Web 3D-Graphics Library


taccgl™ is supposed to be compatible with HTML 5. Especially it needs the canvas HTML element. If the canvas supports 3D drawing, this is used. Otherwise taccgl™ uses 2D drawing, which also works fine in many cases see 2D Canvas Context, but has various restrictions. For older browsers or very slow devices/browsers taccgl™ switches itself off so that no animations are shown. NOTE that taccgl™ is still in beta test and probably contains bugs and should not be used in production.

Some devices are too slow for playing smooth animations. In these situations taccgl™ tries to play the animations on a smaller part of the screen. However, while taccgl™ is determining the performance of the device or if the device is too slow for playing smooth animations on a portion of the screen only, animations will look bumpy, or show up only partially or even do not show up. On very slow devices taccgl™ deactivates itself.

taccgl™ has been tested so far on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 with IE 8.0, IE 9.0, IE 10, IE 11, and edge the current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on several computers with different graphic cards. IE 8.0 does not support canvas, so taccgl™ is off there. IE 9.0 and 10 are supposed to work fine with 2D drawing. IE 11.0, Firefox, and Chrome are supposed to work fine with 2D or 3D drawing, depending on the graphics card and drivers. Some graphic accelerators were however too slow for smooth animations on the usual high resolution but worked fine with smaller resolution. taccgl™ therefore reduces the size of the drawing canvas, if an animation appears to be slow. This of course results in only part of the animation being shown. On very slow devices taccgl™ deactivates itself.

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