Canvas 3D Animation Library

DddBox Class

The animated object of class taccglDddBox is a 3D Box with 6 surfaces. It is a special case of a taccglMultiFace Class Object and taccglDddBox inherits from taccglMultiFace which in turn inherits from Transition Class. So the methods of these classes are applicable as well. Initially a taccglDddBox is rectangular having the width and height of the associated HTML element. Default depth is the height of the HTML element. The image of the HTML element is mapped on each face of the box.


var"testimg",taccgl.dddBox); a.depth(a.h);
rotateMiddle(0,0,1).dur(4).start(). cont().rotateMiddle(0,1,0).dur(4).start(). cont().rotateMiddle(1,0,0).dur(4).start();
DddBox has only a few methods but note that the methods of taccgl Transitions are applicable as well:

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