HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) js Library

Transition Class

taccgl Transitions have quite a lot of methods which are structured into:

Most methods are used to set parameters and options of an transition, after it has been created. After setting all parameters and options the start method needs to be called to activate the transition.

In addition there are information methods and variables that can be used to read information about the transition. All of these methods can be called after start, some also before.

Motion-methods set options and parameters that control the motion of the animated object. Shape-methods control the shape of the animated object and Texture-methods the textures mapped on the animated object.

Control-methods set option and parameters that control playing of the complete transition, e.g. time and duration and HTMLControl-methods control interaction of the animation and the real HTML elements (while normal the animations just aminmate images of the elements).

Transition objects are created using e.g. a or actor methods documented in taccgl Class.

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