HTML5 Canvas 2D Library

taccgl Class

There is exaclty one object of this class named (stored in the global variable) taccgl . It is created upon loading of the libary and destroyed when the current page is unloaded.

Creating Transitions

There are methods to create and attach transitions actor, a, and and methods to select a specific type of transition to be created flexiBorder, multiFace, and dddBox. objFile is used for 3D Model files used in transitions.

Creating Sets of Multiple Transitions

Using mEmpty, ma, mClass, mName, mTagName, and mSingle sets of transitions can be created.

Managing Texture Canvas

Using texClear, texClearAll, texTo, ShowTexCanvas, HideTexCanvas the Texture Canvas is controlled.

Scene Adjustments

The following methods and properties control Lighting defaultLighting, Lighting Parameters, and stdLight. stdEye is the eye postion. TM is the transformation matrix.

Controlling Animations

The following methods control running of a complete animation begin, start, restart, busy, draw_running


useController, blockingController, forwardingController, and controller


Matrix operations.


Miscellenious methods are BgControl, epack, setHandlers, setEndMode, setEndStyle, ssc

List of All Methods and Properties

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