HTML5+CSS on Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) Library

taccgl™ Library Class Structure

taccgl™ is structured in an object oriented way and written in javaScript. Although javaScript does not have class based but prototype based inheritance, we prefer to describe the libaray structure using classes.

There is one singlton object which can be accessed writing 'taccgl.'. The taccgl object is created when the library is loaded and destroyed only when a new page is loaded or the browser window closed. It has methods to create transitions (e.g. actor) and a method to finally run an animation (start).

Then there is the Transition Class standing for (simple) transitions. In addition there are taccglFlexiBorder Class, taccglMultiFace Class, taccglDddBox Class, and taccgl3DObject Class which all inherit from Transition Class and stand for more complex transitions. Because of the inheritance most of the methods of Transition Class also apply to these subclasses.

Then there is the taccglMulti Class which stands for a set of transitions, which is useful to perform the same or similar animations on a set of elements. taccglMulti Class does not inherit from Transition Class but still shares many methods with it applying them to all the transitions in the set.

taccglMaterial Class abstracts the concept of a Material. taccglOBJFile Class and taccglMTLFile Class represent downloaded 3D Model files. The current version of taccGL does not yet support camera, lightsource, or renderer classes.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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