Web 3D-Graphics Library


  • The current version of the library is in beta test and probably contains bugs. It is not implemented completely and will probably not run on all browsers and client computers.
  • The current version of the library has only been tested on a limited set of browsers (including Firefox, Chrome and IE 11), computers, GPUs, drivers, and operating systems. It is very possible that there are bugs on certain platforms, there may be error messages, animations may run slowly, or even overwhelm a slow computer, which could result in slow response time or even a crash.
  • The library monitors the performance of a running animation in an effort to adapt to the capabilities of the client. It might disable shadows, reduce the size of the drawing canvas, or even completely disable animations, in an effort to minimize showing slow, choppy or jumpy animations, or to even overload the client. The idea is to keep the underlying HTML pages operational, if necessary without the taccGL ™ animations.
  • Since the size of the texture canvas is limited, HTML elements to be animated must sit usually in the area of 1200*1424 pixels, see Library Options. The bigger the size, the slower the animation starts up and the more texture memory of the graphics card is needed.
  • taccgl™ implements rendering of HTML-elements partially itself. This implementation is still quite incomplete and many HTML elements and CSS attributes are not yet supported, e.g. background images and form elements. Also The rendering function in taccgl™ is different than the one in the browser and so HTML elements drawn/animated with taccgl™ look differently than normal.
  • taccgl™ normally tries to run animations so that they fill the complete browser window. If the window is scrolled or resized during animation, only part of the animation is visible. Also if the animation appears to run slowly, taccgl™ reduces the size of the drawing canvas, which plays the animation only in a rectangular part of the window.
  • 3D-canvas drawing only works on certain browsers and certain graphics cards with recent drivers. In older versions of Safari canvas 3D needs to be enabled. If canvas 3D is not available 2D-canvas drawing is used which has more restrictions see 2D Canvas Context.
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