HTML5 WebGL (TM) Library


Debug Output

Debugging can be enabled by setting the variable taccgl_debug to true before loading the library. This works only with the uncompressed version of the library (shipped in the src directory).

<script> taccgl_debug=true;</script><br >
<script src="/taccgl061/<b>src</b>/taccgl.js"></script>

Then debug output will be shown on the javascript console. It can be displayed e.g. using the browsers developer tools.

Suppressing the Epilepsy warning message

You can disable the Epilepsy warning message for a single browser by using a code injecting plug in for you browser and injecting the code :


Use that code in a code injecting browser plug-in for a single browser only, to disable the message for a single browser used by a developer, keeping the message in tact for anybody else visiting a new site.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.