HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

FlexiBorder Class

Draws a 2D object that has a flexible (possible 3D) border, whereby the border is determined by a built-in or by a user function. In an extreme case an initially rectangular object can be turned into an ellyptical or circular object. Also page flip effects can be created this way.


var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).Circle1().start(); RUN
var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).Circle1(); a.resize(null,null,a.h,a.h).start(); RUN
var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).Circle1(); a.resize(null,null,a.h,a.h).flyOut(a.x+(a.w-a.h)/2,a.y,0).start(); RUN

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