Canvas Drawing Library

MTL File Class

An object of class taccglMTLFile represents an MTL file. MTL files contain material definitions for 3D Models created with some 3D modelling program, e.g. Blender. Normally each MTL file belongs to and OBJ file and the OBJ file refers to the MTL file. Typically MTL files are stored on the web server (just as HTML pages) and downloaded to the client when a corresponding taccglMTLFile object is created.

taccgl™ tries to automatically load the MTL file after loading an OBJ file referring to it, using objFile. The taccgl interface does not have separate functions to download MTL files or to create taccglMTLFile objects.

The taccglMTLFile associated with an taccglOBJFile can be accessed using taccglOBJFile.mtl.

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