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UV Map Creation

As discussed in UV Mapping taccgl™ can use a texture map in the OBJ file to map an HTML element on a 3D scene. There are the following approaches for creating such an UV map with a 3D modelling program

  • the classical approach means using the modelling program and possibly an image editor to produce UV map and images the classical way. Then you need to put the image as (probably hidden) HTML element on your page and create transitions with that HTML element (or using MapActor) as discussed in UV Mapping.
  • alternatively or additionally you can create the needed image using HTML
  • you can also just create an UV map to map an ordinary HTML element, e.g. UV Mapping has an example mapping an HTML element on a sphere. You can also create an UV map for a grid in the 3D modelling program and then modify the grid as desired, in order to deform an HTML element, see second example on UV Mapping.

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