HTML5+CSS on Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) Library

Identifier Usage

When Loading the Library

When loading the library, it will create the taccgl object and some other functions and variables. All javaScript identifiers used by taccgl™ start with taccgl.

Simply loading the library will not yet modify the DOM or install any event handlers.

After Initialzation of the library

Usually the first call to taccgl™ initializes the library. It can also be manually initialized calling taccgl.begin.

Upon initialization taccgl™ inserts various canvas HTML elements after the body tag of the main document. Ids are taccgl_canvas3d, taccgl_textureCanvas, taccgl_textureCanvas2, taccgl_textureCanvas3, taccgl_detect, and taccgl_scratchCanvas.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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