HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

Alternate Texture Canvas

taccgl™ supports a second, also called alternate, texture canvas useful for various kinds of blending or transition animations. The second canvas operates very similar to the first one: There is a paint operation useful to paint elements on the second canvas. Elements use the same coordinates on the main document as on each of the texture canvases.

The texture on each face of an animated object is actually a mixture resulting from a blend operation of the image on the first and on the second texture canvas. Per default the blend completely shows the image on the first canvas and does not show the image on the second one. You can however freely mix the two images and also animate this mixture. For each of the canvases there is a opacity factor in the range 0.0...1.0. 0.0 means the image on the canvas is completely transparent.

In addition you can also mix in a fix or animated color, which also has an opacity value.

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