HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

taccGL Background Mode

Normally a taccgl™ animation is drawn on a HTML canvas that lies on top of all other HTML elements (see Canvas Operation). Because the canvas is transparent the normal HTML elements shine through the canvas and actually everything appears as a single scene.

In background mode the taccgl™ canvas is below all the other HTML elements. So the animation is playing behind the HTML elements and the HTML elements are not hidden by any part of the animation, so you cannot have e.g. anything flying in front of the HTML elements. This may be a desirable effect in some situations. Also note that animated HTML elements are hidden during the animation and so as long as your animated elements do not fly before any other HTML elements no differenct would be visible.

taccgl™ can dynamically switch between foreground and background mode, even within a running animation.

See BgControl, foreground

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