Canvas Library

sequence Library Method

Short Description: Run transitions in set in sequence

Signature: m.sequence (d,g)
Class: taccglMulti Class

Adjusts start time and duration of the transitions in the set so that all of the transitions are played sequentially. d is the total duration. Starting time is taken from the first element of the set. g specifies a time gap between all the transitions. If g==0 all the transitions are done immediately one after the other. If g>0 there is a time gap of size g between two transitions. If g<0 transitions are performed partially overlapping this time -g.


var m=taccgl.mTagName("a").paint().bgColor("red"). sequence(5,0) .start();
var m=taccgl.mTagName("a").paint().bgColor("red"). sequence(5,-0.05) .start();
var m=taccgl.mClass("simpa").paint(). sequence(5,-0.5).from(0,500,0).
hide().showAfter().visAtEnd(). vEnd(0,0,0).start();
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