HTML5 Canvas 2D Library

a Library Method

Short Description: Create a new transition

Signature: taccgl.a (el,[k])
Class: taccgl Class

Create a new transition for the HTML element el. el might be a DOM node or a string which denotes the id of the desired HTML element.

The method returns a new transition object. You need to call its various methods to clearly define its function. Read about taccgl Transitions in general and Transition Class explaining these methods in detail.

This a method creates the most basic kind of transition. You need to take care about paint yourself and also about hiding of the HTML element itself. actor and also create transitions that control these two functions automatically.

By specifying parameter k a kind (see ) can be assigned to the transition created.


var a=taccgl.a("testimg").paint().to (0,0,0).start();
var a=taccgl.a("pgMiddleColumnTable").paint().to (0,0,0).start();

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