GPU Accelerated Canvas Library

mapClip Library Method

Short Description: Clip mapped texture

Signature: t.mapClip (w,h,pos,overflow)
Group: Texture
Class: transition Class

Uses a rectangular portion of the currently mapped texture as texture for the material. w is the with and h the height of the portion. pos may be "tr" for the top-right, "tl" for the top-left, "br" for the bottom-right, and "bl" for bottom-left portion. pos can also be "t" for the top, "b" for the bottom, "l" for the left, and "r" for the right portion. Normally w and h are automatically clipped to the size of the current portion. This behaviour can be disabled using overflow="b" for h, overflow="r" for w and overflow="br" for both w and h.

mapClip is similar to map with the difference that the coordinates are determinated automatically based on pos and overflow. See also mapClipToElement for more examples.

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