HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

Including the Library

The taccgl™ library needs to be included into an HTML page using

<script src="/taccgl061/taccgl.js"></script>
usually somewhere in the head of the HTML page. The library is normally installed in a directory "/taccgl061". The name includes the version number of the library so that multiple versions of the library can coexist for different HTML pages.

Not recommended:
Include from the taccgl™ Server directly without Installation

Technically you could include the library directly from our server which eliminates the need for installation of the library. Note that this will download the library when accessing your page and that this process will transfer personal data (e.g. the IP Address) of the person viewing your page to us, see Privacy. This reason alone should be sufficient to install the library locally on your server.

Also Note that we do not guarantee that our server works 24/7 and that older versions of the library will eventually be deleted without notice.

Intranet and Local Use

If you are producing pages for local or intranet use it is useful to add

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=11" />

to the head of your HTML page. Some versions of internet explorer might use a special option to use a compatibility mode for local and intranet pages. taccgl™ however, does not run in compatibility mode and the meta tag disables that compatibility mode. Note that this is only a problem for local and intranet pages, not for general internet pages.

Upgrading from older Versions

You can install multiple versions of the library at the same time. If you already developed web pages using older versions of the library and included the library as descibed with the older version, then the pages will continue using the old version of the library. You can update the version number in the <script> statement to point to the current version, after verifying, that your animations still run fine with the new version. We will try to keep the library upwards compatible, i.e. that old pages run with new versions of the library, however, this may not always be possible or simply be buggy, so it is indeed required to test you pages after upgrading the library.


You can use defer or async in the script tag, or you can place the script tag at the end of the HTML document, in an effort to load and display the page first and download the script afterwards. Of corse you can access the library only after it has been loaded.

Using the Source / Debug (uncompressed) Version of the Library

You can include the source / debug version of the library using

<script src="/taccgl061/src/taccgl.js"></script>
This is required if you want to debug or modify the library and it is also useful when developing animations, since better testoutput appears on the console. Note that some of the debug options described in Library Options only work with this version of the library.

The normal version of the library is automatically generated from this source / debug version by removing debug code and compression the javaScript code. So both versions of the library should work identically as long as debugging is disabled, however the source / debug version is much larger and so requires longer to download.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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