HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) js Library

setPos Library Method

Short Description: Set eye point position

Signature: taccgl.stdEye.setPos (x,y,z)
Class: Eye Class

Sets the eye position to the given coordinates. Note that the viewing direction always is (0,0,1), i.e. in direction of the Z axis. The resulting image is always adjusted so that each 3D voxel at (x,y,0) is mapped to the pixel (x,y) within the body of the currently shown HTML document.

Coordinates (0,0,-5000) show the scene from top left, (1200,0,-5000) from top right, (500,2000,-5000) from a middle position and from the bottom.


taccgl.stdEye.setPos(1200,0,5000); var"pgMiddleColumnTable",taccgl.dddBox).start();
taccgl.stdEye.setDefault (); var"pgMiddleColumnTable",taccgl.dddBox).start();
taccgl.stdEye.setPos (500,2000,5000); var"testimg",taccgl.dddBox).start();

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