HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

freeze Library Method

Short Description: Freeze Transition

Signature: t.freeze ([p])
Group: Modification
Class: transition Class

Freezes the current transition. All animations on the element / object stop playing and the element / object is shown stable in the position it is, will be or was at time p. Currently only p=1 is implemented, which means the end time of the transition.

Freeze does not alter startTime or duration, you normally want the set them as well. Also showAfter and showBefore are not touched.

It is very common to apply freeze on terminated and via showafter shown transtions in order to make an animated object perform a subsequent action. See the following examples. Note that you need to press the first run button first. The fourth example shows that without using freeze parts of old transition are redone.

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