HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

hide Library Method

Short Description: Hide associated HTML element

Signature: t.hide ()
Group: HTMLControl
Class: transition Class

Hides the element associated with the current transition before playing the main animation. The current implementation actually performs the hide immediately when called.


taccgl.a("testimg").paint().hide().visFinal().to(500,500,1).start(); RUN
taccgl.a("testimg").paint().visFinal().to(500,500,1).start(); RUN
taccgl.a("testimg").startTime(1).paint().hide().visFinal().to(500,500,1).start(); RUN
taccgl.a("testimg").startTime(1).paint().hide().visFinal().showBefore().to(500,500,1).start(); RUN

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