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taccgl™ transitions can animate graphical objects of various shapes. There are the following classes of basic shapes: for triangles, the Transition Class for parallelograms, most notably rectangles, taccglMultiFace Class for simple objects with few faces, taccgl3DObject Class for external 3D models imported from a 3D drawing program, and the taccglFlexiBorder Class for parallelograms turned into flexible surfaces.

Various geometrical objects are available as taccglMultiFace Class objects for example cubes and boxes. Circles, cylinders, or various curves can be made using the taccglFlexiBorder Class.

The basic shape of a transition must be selected when creating the transition object using e.g. the a, or actor methods. If no explicit basic shape is given, the default is a parallellogram in form of a rectangle, which uses an HTML element mapped thereon as texture. This default case is used to animate HTML elements.

Various parameters of a basic shape can be selected and also animated later on. For example all shapes can be resized or a sheared (and so rectangles can be turned into a parallelograms.)

Objects of class taccglFlexiBorder Class can be shaped by giving (or selecting) mathematical funtions for the surface of the object.

External 3D models of class taccgl3DObject Class can be downloaded and imported and parts of the model can be selected.

Even more complex shapes can be realized by combining multiple transitions, see taccglMulti Class.

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