HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) js Library

Time and Duration

Each transition has a start time and a duration both together defining a time interval. The animated object is usually visible only during that interval. Typically one defines multiple transitions that cover the complete time of an animation defining what a certain element should do at each particular point in time. It is, however, also possible to not cover the complete time, in which case the animated object will be invisible during certain time periods; or it is possible to define overlapping transitions to show multiple instances of the object simultaneously.

Per default transitions start at time 0 and have a duration of one second. Using a it is possible to define an transition that starts immeadiately after another one finished. Also start time and duration can be set using startTime and duration.

Using showBefore and showAfter a still image of the animated object can be shown before / after the time interval the actual animation is taking place.

Multiple transitions can be chained together using cont. Actually cont creates a new transition, staring immediately after a previous transition, taking over the animated object, its texture, and using the end position of the previous transition as starting position of the next transition.

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