HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) js Library

Info Boxes

You can put Info Boxes into your page to show the current state of the libaray to the user. Normally taccgl™ silently selects between 3D-canvas mode, 2D-canvas mode, and inactive mode, depending on what is supported by the browser and the graphics hardware.

You can define Info Boxes in your HTML document in form of HTML tags that belong to a special CSS class. Also using CSS you need to make these boxes disappear by specifing display:none. After initialization taccgl™ will make the appropriate boxes appear.

<div class="RightBox taccgl_cl_dddmode" style="color:green;">
taccgl fully working in 3D canvas mode
<div class="RightBox taccgl_cl_ddmode" style="color:yellow;">
taccgl working in 2D canvas mode
<div class="RightBox taccgl_cl_ddmode" style="color:green;">
This page has hardware accelerated graphics (canvas 3D) which apparently is not
supported by your browser or hardware.
<div class="RightBox taccgl_cl_inactive" style="color:red;">
This page has HTML 5 Animations. Please update you browser to view them.
<style >
.RightBox { position : absolute; right:0px; top:100px; background-color:black; padding : 5px; display:none;}

The following special classes are supported:

taccgl_cl_ddmode Displayed when taccgl™ is using 2D canvas mode. This is usually the case if taccgl™ can for whatever reason not access canvas 3D.
taccgl_cl_dddmode Displayed when taccgl™ is using 3D canvas mode. This is usually the case if everything works fine.
taccgl_cl_active Displayed when taccgl™ is showing animations either using 2D or 3D canvas mode.
taccgl_cl_inactive Displayed if taccgl™ has disabled itself, e.g. because the browser does not support HTML 5 canvas.
taccgl_cl_can3derror Displayed if taccgl™ has disabled 3D canvas mode because of some WebGL™ error. This is set only if the browser (pretends) to support canvas 3D, but for some reason it is not working.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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