HTML5 CSS on Canvas Animation Library

cont Library Method

Short Description: Create new continuing transition

Signature: t.cont ()
Group: Control
Class: transition Class

Creates and returns a new transition as continuation of the current transition. The starting time of the new transition is set to the starting time of the previous transition plus its duration, so that the new transition starts immediately after the previous transition finished.

The new transition operates on the same HTML element as the current one. The final position of the element in the current transition is taken as initial position of the element in the new transition. Also the end position of a possible rotation is taken as start for the new transition. Blending/Fading, Shape Parameters, and Textures are taken over so that the object drawn at the end of the previous transition looks the same as the object drawn at the begin of the new transition.

var"testimg").to (200,500,0).start();
var b= a.cont().to (1000,500,0).start();
var c= b.cont().flyHome().start();
var"testimg").to (200,500,0).start();
var b= a.a("pgMiddleColumnTable").paint().to (1000,500,0).start();
var c= b.cont().flyHome().start();

If the current transition a was programmed using visAtEnd, opacityAtEnd, or actor to (re)set the visibility of the associated HTML element after the transition, then this action is shifted to the new continuing transition. So it will no longer be carried out at the end of the current transition a but at the end of the new transition.

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