WebGL (TM) Canvas Library

NQCanvas Library Method

Short Description: Select 3D Canvas Size for Normal Quality Mode

Signature: t.NQCanvas ([x0,x1,y0,y1])
Group: Control
Class: transition Class

Sets position and size of the normal quality 3D canvas. If taccgl™ detects that the animation is running slowly, it tries to reduce the size of the 3D canvas. Reducing the size of the canvas will speed up animations because less pixels need to be calculated and displayed. This usually works quite well, but on the other hand the animation will play only on a part of the screen / window.

If there are no performance problems taccgl™ will always run full screen / window. If performance gets worse, it first tries to use the porition selected with NQCanvas or NQCanvas and if that is not sufficent the portion selected with LQCanvas or LQCanvas is used.

Using NQCanvas a rectangular portion of the screen/window can be seleted on a normal quality animation will play. If x0=x1=y0=y1=0 is given (which is the default), the selected portion is the space the HTML element associated with the transition takes. Using x0 the portion can be enlarged on the left, using x1 on the right, using y0 on top and using y1 on the bottom. Negative parameter values can be used to reduce the size of the selected portion.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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