HTML5 Canvas 3D Animation Library

contAccel Library Method

Short Description: Create new continuing transition keeping velocity

Signature: t.contAccel (x,y,z,d)
Group: Control
Class: transition Class

Returns a new transition that is continuing the motion of the current transition. x,y,z denote the coordinates of the end point of the new transition. d gives the duration of the new transition. to and duration are implicitly called for the new transition and may not be called explicitly again. contAccel also sets the velocity of the motion in the new transition to the velocity at the end of the previous transition by implicitly calling vBegin of the new transition. This makes sure that the motion appears smooth without any sudden changes in velocity/speed of the animated object.

var"testimg").to (200,300,0).vBegin(0,0,0).start();
var b= a.contAccel(300,500,0,3).start();
var c= b.contAccel(300,500,0,5).start();

If the current transition a was programmed using visAtEnd, opacityAtEnd, or actor to (re)set the visibility of the associated HTML element after the transition, then this action is shifted to the new continuing transition. So it will no longer be carried out at the end of the current transition a but at the end of the new transition.

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