WebGL (TM) Framework

dVFrom Library Method

Short Description: Animate Depth Vector of Object

Signature: t.dVFrom (x,y,z) or (p)
Group: Shape
Class: transition Class

Gives the starting point of an animation animating the depth vector of a transition. The parameters have the same meaning as with dV. dVTo can be used to set the end point.

Sample HTML element with id="s10"

The following examples animate a 3D box. By enlarging or reducing the vector, the depth of the animated object can be changed.


var a=taccgl.actor("s10",taccgl.dddBox) .start();
var a=taccgl.actor("s10",taccgl.dddBox).dVFrom(0,0,500).start();
var a=taccgl.actor("s10",taccgl.dddBox).dVFrom(200,0,500).start();

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