HTML5 Canvas 2D Library

restrict Library Method

Short Description: Take part of Object

Signature: t.restrict (x,y,w,h)
Group: Shape
Class: transition Class

In most cases, restrict is used to animate a rectangular part of the (image of the) element associated with the transition. (x,y) denote the coordinates of the top left corner of the part, w gives the width and h the height.

There is, however, no restriction that reqires the rectangular part to be really completely contained inside the element. In fact (x,y,w,h) can denote any part of the page and then the transition animates whatever is drawn on the texture canvas.

restrict must be used before most of the other methods, before any of hvec, wvec, dvec, before any of the motion methods and before any of the texture methods.


var"testimg"); a.restrict (a.x0,a.y0,a.wx0/2,a.hy0).start(); RUN
var"testimg"); a.restrict (a.x0+a.wx0/4,a.y0,a.wx0/2,a.hy0).rotateMiddle(1,0,0).start(); RUN
var"testimg"); a.restrict (a.x0,a.y0,a.wx0/2,a.hy0).rotateMiddle(1,0,0).start();
var b=taccgl.a("testimg"); b.restrict (b.x0+b.wx0/2,b.y0,b.wx0/2,b.hy0).rotateMiddle(1,0,0)

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