HTML5 Canvas 2D Library

position Library Method

Short Description: Set Position of Object

Signature: t.position (x,y,z) or (p)
Group: Motion
Class: transition Class

Sets the position the animated object. (x,y,z) are Coordinates. Alternatively (p) is a Position Specification that will be resolved into coordinates. position specifies a fixed position of the animated object without "motion with constant acceleration" (in contrast to from/to). However, position can be combined with e.g. rotate. Default of the position is the position of the associated HTML element.

position may be used on a single transition unless the transition was created using certain forms of cont that do from implicitely. It may not be combined with from, flyHome, flyToElement, and to on a single transition.

Examples"testimg").position(100,200,0).start(); RUN"testimg").position(0,400,0).start(); RUN"testimg").position(0,0,1000).start(); RUN"testimg").position(0,0,-1000).start(); RUN"pgMiddleColumnTable").position(0,0,30000).start(); RUN"pgMiddleColumnTable").position(0,0,3000).start();"testimg").start();"LeftcolumnDown").start();
var"testimg"); a.position(a.x,a.y+500,0).start(); RUN
var"pgMiddleColumnTable"); a.position(a.x,0,0).start(); RUN
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