HTML5 Canvas Library

ShowTexCanvas Library Method

Short Description: Shows a texture canvas

Signature: taccgl.ShowTexCanvas (i,bg)
Class: taccgl Class

This is for debugging purposes only. Shows the texture canvas with number i with background color bg. If bg is not given, black is the default. However if bg is the empty string "", then the background is transparent.

Note that some of the examples below look strange (e.g. almost an empty page). They can be terminated using a single left click.


taccgl.begin(); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(1);RUN
taccgl.begin(); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(2,"cyan");RUN
taccgl.texClearAll(); taccgl.paintElement(document.getElementById("testimg")); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(1);RUN
taccgl.texClearAll(); taccgl.texTo(2); taccgl.paintElement("testimg2",true); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(2,"");RUN
taccgl.texClearAll();"pgMiddleColumnTable"); taccgl.a("testimg"); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(1);RUN
taccgl.texClearAll();"pgMiddleColumnTable"); taccgl.a("testimg").paint(); taccgl.ShowTexCanvas(1);RUN

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