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adjustEye Library Method

Short Description: Adjust Eye Position

Signature: taccgl.adjustEye (x,y,z)
Class: taccgl Class

This method is depricated. Please use Eye.setPos instead, which has the same function.

Sets the eye position to the given coordinates. Note that the viewing direction always is (0,0,1), i.e. in direction of the Z axis. The resulting image is always adjusted so that each 3D voxel at (x,y,0) is mapped to the pixel (x,y) within the body of the currently shown HTML document.

Coordinates (0,0,5000) show the scene from top left, (1200,0,5000) from top right, (500,2000,5000) from a middle position and from the bottom.


taccgl.adjustEye (1200,0,5000); var a=taccgl.actor("pgMiddleColumnTable",taccgl.dddBox) .start();
taccgl.defaultEye (); var a=taccgl.actor("pgMiddleColumnTable",taccgl.dddBox) .start();
taccgl.adjustEye (500,2000,-5000); var a=taccgl.actor("testimg",taccgl.dddBox) .start();

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