Canvas 3D Animation Library

mClass Library Method

Short Description: Returns an animation set with all elements of a class

Signature: taccgl.mClass (cl,k)
Class: taccgl Class

Returns an animation set object containing a transition for each HTML element of the current document having the specified class cl. These new transitions are newly created using the a method.

By specifying parameter k a kind (see Transition Kind) can be assigned to the transition created.


var a=taccgl.mClass("simpa").paint().rotate (200,0,0,0,1,0).bgColor("red").hide().visAtEnd().start();
var a=taccgl.mClass("simpa").paint().to (0,0,0).bgColor("red").start();
var"pgMiddleColumnTable").paint().to (0,0,0).start();

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