Canvas Library

setEndStyle Library Method

Short Description: Controls style of 3D canvas at end of animation

Signature: taccgl.setEndStyle ([st])
Class: taccgl Class

Controls what happens at the end of an animation to the 3D canvas. Normally the 3D canvas vanishes and so all 3D objects disappear. Using the setEndStyle you can specify a CSS style that is used to make the 3D canvas vanish. Most obvious is to use { visibility: "hidden"}, or {display:"none"} which makes the 3D disappear without animation. Default is {transition : "opacity 0.25s", opacity : "0"} which makes it fade out rather quickly withing 0.25 seconds.

Note that the style needs to be given in form of a javascript object listing CSS properties (using DOM identifiers) and their values, not as a CSS string.


taccgl.setEndStyle({visibility:"hidden"});"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
taccgl.setEndStyle({display:"none"});"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
taccgl.setEndStyle({transition : "opacity 0.25s", opacity : "0"});"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
taccgl.setEndStyle();"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
taccgl.setEndStyle({transition : "opacity 0.5s", opacity : "0"});"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
taccgl.setEndStyle({transition : "opacity 2s", opacity : "0"});"testimg").to (0,700,0).start();
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