HTML5 Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) javaScript Library

blockingController Library Method

Short Description: Creates a basic blocking controller

Signature: taccgl.blockingController ()
Class: taccgl Class

Creates and returns a very basic controller that basically ignores all mouse events until the current animation is finished. To acticate use useController. Please read Controller Class about the purpose of controllers in general.

This is the default behaviour and in fact upon initialization a blocking controller is created and activated.

In the following two examples you can compare the bahaviour of the blocking and the forwarding controller. Click on run multiple times, while the previous animation is still running. With the blocking controller you should notice that the link is blocked, while the animation is running and so it can be started just once. With the forwarding controller, you can start and run it multiple times simultaneously.


taccgl.useController(taccgl.blockingController()); var a=taccgl.a("testimg").paint().to (0,1000,0).start();
taccgl.useController(taccgl.forwardingController()); var a=taccgl.a("testimg").paint().to (0,1000,0).start();

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