HTML5 Canvas 2D Library

ddmode Properties of taccgl

Short Description: Returns if 2D or 3D canvas is used

Signature:   taccgl.ddmode
taccgl. dddmode

ddmode, dddmode are read-only boolean properties. dddmode is true if a 3D canvas (WebGL™) is used. ddmode is true if a 2D canvas is used. If no canvas feature is detected, both properties are false. Both properties are never true simultaneously.

Normally ddmode, dddmode are set during initialization and are false before that. actor and a couple of other methods do the initialization automatically and you can do it explicitly using begin.

ddmode, dddmode can also change spontaneously after running an animation , e.g. if there is an error in 3d context and taccgl falls back into 2d context, or if animations are too slow and taccgl becomes completely inactive.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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