Canvas 2D Animation Library

setHandlers Library Method

Short Description: Make taccgl set HTML event Handlers

Signature: taccgl.setHandlers (mode)
Class: taccgl Class

Sets global javascript event handlers needed for proper operation of a running animation. This method is implicitly called during initialization of the library (e.g. when the first transition is created). As long as the user does not afterwards change the event handlers this is suffient for correctly running the animations.

You can define your own event handlers for use while no taccgl™ animation is running. In that event you need to call setHandlers before running taccgl™ animations.

You can also override the setHandlers method by assigning your own function to taccgl.setHandlers. In that event it is your responsibility to control the events desctibed below.

taccgl™ currently uses the onscroll and the onresize events of the document body or the window (depending on browser type). Both event handlers call resizeBody to adjust position and size of the animation canvas.

WebGL™ is a trademark of the Khronos Group Inc.

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