HTML5 Canvas 2D Animation Library

resizeBody Library Method

Short Description: Adjusts position and size of the animation canvas

Signature: taccgl.resizeBody
Class: taccgl Class

Adjusts position and size of the animation canvas. Conceptually a taccgl™ animation always runs on the complete HTML document displayed in the browser. Technically, however, the animation is calculated only for that part of the document that is actually visible in the browser window. Therefor the animation is shown on an HTML 5 canvas that covers the visible part of the HTML document displayed.

Due to scrolling or resizing of the window, the visible portion of the document may change. resizeBody then adjusts the animation canvas to cover the visible part of the document. resizeBody is automatically called when an animtaion starts. It also needs to be called whenever there is a resize or scroll event while an animation is running. This normally takes place automatically but sometimes needs to be done manually as documented in setHandlers.

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